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           Family Owned Business with Professional Service Since 1975  


PROFESS          As your service company, we profess to you the customer to do no less than we’ve been trained to do.  We will use our professional training to provide the very best service for contracted pest.  We will always consider the most cost efficient and environmentally safe method for your home.

PERSONAL       Any concerns that you might have, we take personally and will strive to treat You, the customer, as if you were our ONLY CUSTOMER.

BELIEF             The last part of professionalism is our belief that the service we offer is the best, and that is the reason to be in business.  We will continue to study and learn new techniques and methods to improve our knowledge and skills, so that the company and community will benefit.  I hope you, the customer, will be able to see the faith we have in ourselves and know that we are truly YOUR service company.


                        Your Professional Exterminators,

                          Cross Country Exterminators,Inc.